Complex Resources Planning

Context and stakes

Some resources in industrial companies are for non-predictable use by traditional solutions such as ERP or APS* (Advanced Planning System) due to their ambivalent nature (e.g. machine and storage location) and/or their fragmented use (e.g. human resources performing a wide variety of elementary tasks in parallel). Indeed, existing algorithms use the operating time in production routing to predict the workload that will weigh on a resource. However, these operating times are sometimes inappropriate because they are uncorrelated to the real activity of the resource when its use is fragmented or even non-existent when the resource is ambivalent.

These resources can nevertheless be critical for the company and therefore need to be planned to anticipate peak loads and amend the production plan accordingly in the short term or consider long-term investments.

Our answer

To meet these challenges, Redlog offers SimTank, SimLab and SimCap generic modules for managing non-predictable resources using an approach that combines simulation and optimization techniques to facilitate industrial tool management and strategic decision-making

In addition to providing visibility to managers, Redlog’s planning solutions offer scenarios to optimize the use of resources identified as critical.

The Redlog solutions provided


Solution dedicated to industrial processes including the use of tanks / vats


Solution dedicated to planning of quality inspection workloads in the laboratory


Solution dedicated to traditional resources such as Machine / Labour