Success Stories

SoftyStock : Safety Stock optimization

The company

is a world leading company on perfumes and cosmetics production with the context of complex supply chain, vast diversity of the products, great service levels target and high expectations on operations efficiencies.

The solution

Redlog successfully implemented SoftyStock solution for Kenzo and Givenchy factories and warehouses to optimize the safety stock calculation and manage the end-of-life of the materials to avoid dead stocks.

The solution was setup in the customer information system (SAP) within 3 weeks and was quickly adopted by the users.


less safety stock for all the plants after 6 months


of service levels maintained


“dead stock” with the better management of the material end-of-life


of time saving for managers on data extraction and manipulation tasks

SimTank : Planning of tanks resources

The company

Guerlain is a company founded in 1828 and a leader in the creation and production of perfumes and cosmetics. Known worldwide, Guerlain perfumes are all manufactured and packaged in France in the Orphin factory, which must manage a wide range of finished products that are constantly changing.

The solution

In a context of high diversity and limited industrial capacity, Redlog was asked to propose a solution to manage the planning for the tanks area where the production equipment also serves as a storage place. As this specificity in the production process of the perfume before packaging is not supported by existing solutions on the market, we proposed an innovative solution based on a simulation logic to measure the adequacy of capacity to the planned workload.

Redlog has successfully implemented SimTank solution, which makes it possible to plan the use of the tanks respecting the production and storage capacity constraints.

The solution was setup in the customer information system (SAP) within 3 weeks and was quickly adopted by the users.


of tanks area capacity released


adherence rates to the production plan


industrial project to extend the tanks area saved

SimCap : Manufacturing and conditioning scheduling

The company

For a world leader in the food industry specialized in the manufacturing and packaging of high quality dairy products.

The solution

The increasing diversity of products, the multiplicity of business constraints, and the uncertainties related to the dairy sector market make the scheduling of operations a strategic challenge for the company.

Redlog was asked to propose a scheduling tool connected to SAP, capable of integrating the complexity of the industrial process and providing efficace and understandable solutions for users.

In this context, SimCap has been successfully implemented for manufacturing and packaging processes and has quickly contribute to improved the use of production capacity.


reduction of setup times


adherence rates to the production plan


Time saved for managers compared to the old Excel solution

SimLab : Quality inspection workload planning and quality release monitoring


Pour un leader mondial de l’industrie agro-alimentaire spécialisé dans la fabrication et le conditionnement de produits laitiers pour la nutrition infantile.

The solution

With the increase in quality expectations and the strengthening of sanitary standards, the frequency and duration of quality controls are increasing sharply. For the company, it is therefore essential to anticipate the peak workloads of the quality inspection laboratory and to control the associated costs.

In this context, the SimLab solution has been successfully implemented to better plan the quality inspection workload and efficiently manage the batch quality release.


weeks of detailed visibility for the workload on quality inspection laboratories


months planning horizon for the workload on quality inspection laboratories


inspection lots released per week


Time saved for managers compared to using standard SAP transactions

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