Redlog is an editor of innovative solutions dedicated to the optimization and the digital transformation of Supply Chain processes

Created in 2015 by a SAP consultant and a researcher in Industrial Engineering, Redlog offers solutions with high added value and expertise recognized by its customers.

Our story

The Redlog project is the result of an in-depth reflection carried out by the partners on the offers available on the market to meet the methodological and IT needs of the production and logistics businesses. From these observations, it emerged that a large number of companies use empirical methods to configure the information system involved in the operational and tactical management of their industrial and logistics activities. This configuration, which requires a large amount of data, is most often based on semi-automated MS office solutions requiring human intervention without added value, time-consuming and error-prone (data extraction, verification, loading, etc.).
APS appears to be an alternative but these solutions require large investments and long integration projects without any guarantee of adoption by users due to their complexity and rigidity.

Based on this observation, Redlog has been committed since 2015 to offer digital, integrated and agile applications that effectively resolve specific business issues. Redlog’s solutions are based on the latest developments in the fields of industrial engineering and digital technologies.

Our commitments

Stay ahead of innovation

Innovation is in our genes. It allows us to offer effective alternatives to existing solutions on the market.

Listening to our customers

Accompanying and listening to our customers is a priority for us. We adopt a proven agile project approach that fosters interaction and allows us to adapt our solutions to the specific needs of our customers.

Think user experience

A successful project requires users to adopt solutions on their daily activities. We pay particular attention to the graphical interfaces we want modern, ergonomic and easy to use.

Delivering operational excellence

Our main motivation is to offer solutions that promote operational excellence. Through our business expertise and technical skills, we provide concrete solutions to our clients’ problems.

We design and develop applications for operational excellence

A project in sight?

Our experts are at your disposal to answer all your technical and business questions.